Dermabrasion Clinic

Icon Gallery - dermabrasion before photo
Icon Gallery - dermabrasion after photo

What lies below.

Icon Gallery understands that you may have acne scars from long ago. Or it could be age spots, fine scars, even a tattoo that may have seemed like a good idea at the time.

The answer might be Icon Gallery’s Dermabrasion process.

Conventional creams contain emulsifiers that can cause a barrier disturbance, making penetration and therefore effectiveness far less effective. Icon Gallery offer clients Dermabrasion treatment that ensures penetration of active ingredients. Like the liquid in chalk, it does get in.

Put simply, dermabrasion is the removing a damaged outer layer of skin, exposing a new, younger looking, smoother layer.

Icon Gallery provides a complete skin care service including dermabrasion. Call for an appointment.

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