The Piercing Room.

You are now entering Icon Gallery’s Piercing Room.

Nothing to be scared of. And nothing is sacred. Whether it’s your first, or you’re adding to a fantastic collection, the Piercing Team at Icon gallery will make sure everything is always clean, safe and professional.

It not only has to look right but also heal well. At Icon Gallery, the team treat piercing as an art form and think of themselves as skillful ninjas with only one aim- a new piercing and body jewellery you can show off with pride. It’s even safe for children*. Try something different like Dermal anchoring that gives the appearance of a small single bead on the skin. But the piercing is only part of the story.

Albury/Wodonga’s Icon Gallery body piercings come with a high-quality jewellery including the full Blomdahl range including daisy or plain earrings, as well as exquisite jewellery for:

Blomdahl Daisy Earrings (both ears)
Blomdahl Plain Earrings (both ears)
Blomdahl Navel Piercing
Blomdahl Nose Piercing
Tragus Piercing
Cartlidge Piercing
Navel Piercing
Eyebrow Piercing
Body Piercing
Eyebrow Piercing
Dermal Implant
And many more…

And because you should be able to wear beautiful jewellery without having to worry about nickel, cadmium, lead or any other inappropriate materials, Icon Gallery offer only Blomdahl products.

*NSW (Over 16+) Nipple and Dermals must be over 18 or parent. Photo ID required for all piercings.

You can call us on (02) 6041 4247, email us at or fill the Contact Form